Das Team von New Energy Scout schliesst sich der Basler & Hofmann AG an – neues Kompetenzzentrum Erneuerbare Energien

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Den erneuerbaren Energien gehört die Zukunft – davon sind sowohl wir von New Energy Scout als auch das Ingenieurunternehmen Basler & Hofmann überzeugt. Um den "Erneuerbaren" zum Durchbruch zu verhelfen braucht es ganzheitliche Konzepte und die Zusammenarbeit verschiedener Disziplinen. Wir haben uns deshalb entschlossen, uns mit Basler & Hofmann zusammenzuschliessen. Per sofort übernimmt Basler & Hofmann die Geschäftstätigkeit von New Energy Scout. Das Produkt "Solarzaun" wird in Zukunft in einer eigenständigen Firma unabhängig von Basler & Hofmann weiter vertrieben.

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Unser neuer Kontakt:

Peter Schwer
T. +41 44 387 14 52

Alexander Kupfahl
T. +41 44 387 13 77

Corinne Bryner
T. +41 44 387 12 76

Michael Altherr
T. +41 44 387 12 82

Our services

Wind energy

We support your project from the idea to the commissioning.
For this purpose we offer consulting and engineering services along the entire value added chain, from wind measurements, technical planning and surveys to the overall project management. As we are operating on the market since 2005 we have become an branch expert with well-founded know-how regarding projects in simple and complex terrain. You can get further information by clicking at the lower boxes and in our download area. Please contact us for any further questions.

Feasibility & planning

Initial phase

  • GIS studies, ressource maps
  • Site selection, project search
  • Individual market surveys
  • Site assessment
  • Environmental analysis

Planning & Engineering

  • Project management
  • Area securing
    - Contact with landowners
    - Compensation model & contractual terms
  • Authorisation procedure
    - Coordination with authorities and spatial planning
    - Application documents & request tracking
  • Technical planning & wind
    - Park, accessibility & grid
    - Site compliance & micrositing
    - Wind measurement & expertise
    - Transport solutions & logistics
  • Environment
    - Coordination of Environmental Impact Study (EIS)
    - Noise & shadow impact assessments
    - Forest, clearance dossier
    - Visibility analyses
  • Stakeholder management
    - Support for presentations
    - Gathering information & research
    - Basic preparation for publications
    - Organisation of advisory group
Consulting & due diligence

General Consulting

  • Second opinion
  • Due diligence
  • Supervision of tender procedures
  • Planning & engineering
  • Load profile analysis

Economics & realisation

  • Business- & financial plans
  • Detailed calculation of profitability
  • Analysis of scenarios
  • Supervision of construction works
  • Public participation
  • Coordination of Environmental Impact Study (EIS)
  • Noise & shadow impact assessments
  • Forest, clearance dossier
  • Visibility analyses
  • Photomontages
Preserving value of wind farms

Analysis of the environment

  • Analysis of previous and foreseeable changes of all influencing factors on the existing park
  • Future development of spatial planning
  • Environment, settlement distances, settlement development
  • Civil aviation
  • Military (air traffic control, low-level flight, etc.)
  • Weather radars (e.g. DWD)
  • Competitors, planning activities by third parties
  • Community and population

Optimization of the site potential

  • Determination of potential for repowering or expansion
  • Define new layout depending on potential, wake, yield calculations
  • Risk minimization and value preservation measures
  • SWOT analysis
  • Economic caluculation of different scenarios
Wind expertise

Bankable wind & yield assessments

  • Analysis and preparation of data
  • Wind modelling (WAsP, CFD)
  • Calculation of energy yield, park efficiency
  • Risk analysis, uncertainties in energy yield
  • Conformity with int. guidelines (IEC, FGW, BWE)

Analysis of turbulences & site compliance

  • Surrounding turbulence from measured data
  • Modelling effective turbulence
  • Analysis of extreme wind speeds
  • Flow inclination, wind shear
  • Analysis of site specific IEC parameters

Further expertises

  • Wind potential maps, visualisation
  • Analysis of complexity of terrain
  • Second opinion
  • Revenue assessment
  • Icing
Wind measurement
  • Different measurement systems available
  • Bankable installation log
  • Operational management of measurements
  • Preparation & analysis of measured data
  • Experts for cold climate & remote sites
  • Optional autonomous power supply
  • Conformity with guidelines (IEC, FGW, MEASNET)

Conventional systems: measurement towers

  • Stable lattice towers (up to 120 m above ground)
  • Systems for lowland & alpine high mountains
  • Conventional installation or with helicopter
  • Special equipment for bat recording

Optical systems: modern LiDAR

  • Ground-based remote sensing techniques
  • Precise measurement of wind profile with laser
  • Measurement height from 40 m up to 200 m above ground
  • Suitable for flat & complex terrain
  • Optimal system even for forest sites
  • No construction permit necessary
Training & excursion

Training & excursions

  • Custamised trainings & workshops
  • Presentations of experts in step with actual practice
  • Excursions to wind power plants
  • Sightseeing of temporary wind measurements
  • Individual focal points
  • Organisation & leadership

Target groups

  • Executive committees
  • Specialist teams & working groups
  • Administration & politicians
  • Local population & land owners
  • Schools & colleges