Das Team von New Energy Scout schliesst sich der Basler & Hofmann AG an – neues Kompetenzzentrum Erneuerbare Energien

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Den erneuerbaren Energien gehört die Zukunft – davon sind sowohl wir von New Energy Scout als auch das Ingenieurunternehmen Basler & Hofmann überzeugt. Um den "Erneuerbaren" zum Durchbruch zu verhelfen braucht es ganzheitliche Konzepte und die Zusammenarbeit verschiedener Disziplinen. Wir haben uns deshalb entschlossen, uns mit Basler & Hofmann zusammenzuschliessen. Per sofort übernimmt Basler & Hofmann die Geschäftstätigkeit von New Energy Scout. Das Produkt "Solarzaun" wird in Zukunft in einer eigenständigen Firma unabhängig von Basler & Hofmann weiter vertrieben.

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Peter Schwer
T. +41 44 387 14 52

Alexander Kupfahl
T. +41 44 387 13 77

Corinne Bryner
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Michael Altherr
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Our services

Feasibility, planning & owner's engineering

We are the motor of your project.
From the approval process to the installation of the plant, having broad competences and many years of experience we harmonise the technical aspects with concerns of general public, spatial planning and politics.

Consulting & due diligence

We give advise concerning all issues of renewable energy projects.
All over the world we examine projects in the framework of due diligence. Thereby, we identify and evaluate potential for optimisations as well as project chances and risks in order to secure your investment.

Expert studies & expertise

We analyse the resources of your project professionally and efficiently.
Our expertises represent solid planning criteria and increase the reliability of your investment, either as a potential analysis on a large scale or as a expert opinion for a discrete project site.

Market surveys & energy concepts

We support your market entry or your project search by delivering well-founded analyses.
We search directly for the optimal locations or projects in your target market using well-proven patterns. Our energy concepts show you the optimal use of potential renewable energies.

Trainings & excursions

We offer tailor-made presentations, trainings, workshops and excursions.
We organise and lead excursions to wind energy, biogas and photovoltaic plants. Our experts explain at first hand the relevant procedures during planning, construction and operation of the plants.