Das Team von New Energy Scout schliesst sich der Basler & Hofmann AG an – neues Kompetenzzentrum Erneuerbare Energien

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Den erneuerbaren Energien gehört die Zukunft – davon sind sowohl wir von New Energy Scout als auch das Ingenieurunternehmen Basler & Hofmann überzeugt. Um den "Erneuerbaren" zum Durchbruch zu verhelfen braucht es ganzheitliche Konzepte und die Zusammenarbeit verschiedener Disziplinen. Wir haben uns deshalb entschlossen, uns mit Basler & Hofmann zusammenzuschliessen. Per sofort übernimmt Basler & Hofmann die Geschäftstätigkeit von New Energy Scout. Das Produkt "Solarzaun" wird in Zukunft in einer eigenständigen Firma unabhängig von Basler & Hofmann weiter vertrieben.

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Peter Schwer
T. +41 44 387 14 52

Alexander Kupfahl
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Corinne Bryner
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Michael Altherr
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Worldwide references

Success through international project experience

We have references from a wide variety of projects in the areas of wind, solar and biogas, both nationally and internationally. Our clients include large and small companies, utilities, planners, pension funds, private, and public administrations.


On the following map you can see a selection of works on wind energy (blue), solar energy (yellow), biogas (green) and cross-thematic studies (purple). Click on the pins to learn more!

What our customers say

The analysis ordered from New Energy Scout has been delivered timely and is of very good quality. Their recommendations helped us considerably in the further steps taken.

Mr. Patrick Zehnder, manager HelveticWind

The collaboration with New Energy Scout was very fast, uncomplicated, cost-efficient and they have supported us in a great way to come to a decision. A fair and reliable Swiss company.

St. Härkönen, private roof owner

"very professional and well-structured course", "entertaining and well-prepared presentation", "valuable discussions", "well-balanced choice of invitees"

project manager of a utility company

We are glad to be able to rely on the competence and extensive experience of New Energy Scout during the wind measurement for our alpine Gotthard project.

L. Locarnini, project manager Parco Eolico San Gottardo / AET

New Energy Scout helped us to look for wind power sites and supports us continuously with technical expertise. Without New Energy Scout maybe we would not be in Switzerland. My experience: quick, experienced, cost-conscious.

T. Weyer, CEO Ventoludens (DE/CH)

Thanks to the great expertise and constructive cooperation of New Energy Scout the wind energy potential study was successfully completed and the findings could be incorporated into the preparatory work around the cantonal structure plan. Balanced information and constructive management of critical issues were success factors as well as the professionally good work.

A. Paoli, head of energy cantons Thurgau und Schaffhausen

We are grateful for the good cooperation with New Energy Scout and the high quality wind resource and energy yield assessment for our wind power project in Southern Germany.

D. Zippert, project manager, Denker & Wulf AG

Participants had a fascinating and informative afternoon. Wind energy became literally tangible, leading to objective discussions about the use of wind energy. New Energy Scout has done an excellent job!

Th. Volken, Kanton Thurgau energy departement