Das Team von New Energy Scout schliesst sich der Basler & Hofmann AG an – neues Kompetenzzentrum Erneuerbare Energien

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Den erneuerbaren Energien gehört die Zukunft – davon sind sowohl wir von New Energy Scout als auch das Ingenieurunternehmen Basler & Hofmann überzeugt. Um den "Erneuerbaren" zum Durchbruch zu verhelfen braucht es ganzheitliche Konzepte und die Zusammenarbeit verschiedener Disziplinen. Wir haben uns deshalb entschlossen, uns mit Basler & Hofmann zusammenzuschliessen. Per sofort übernimmt Basler & Hofmann die Geschäftstätigkeit von New Energy Scout. Das Produkt "Solarzaun" wird in Zukunft in einer eigenständigen Firma unabhängig von Basler & Hofmann weiter vertrieben.

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Peter Schwer
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Corinne Bryner
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Michael Altherr
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30 kWp solar fence put into operation in Weinfelden (TG)

The 30 kWp PV power plant planned as a fence around a larger property in the Weinfelden region has now been implemented as a free-standing installation and put into operation. In terms of their arrangement, the four rows, each 43.0 m long and 1.30 m high, can be classified as a small Agro PV system.

The forecast annual electricity production is around 27,000 kWh. In addition to self-consumption, the excess electricity produced is fed into the network of the local power supplier (TBW).

The frame system with standard profile blends in as best as possible in terms of color with the landscape or surroundings, according to the requirements in the building permit. The modules producing on both sides (bifacial) are aligned vertically. Even if they are oriented towards the south, an additional yield of 5-10% is expected from the rear side production of the modules. Modeling this additional yield in advance is generally very difficult as it depends on the background color and other factors and can be different depending on the season (up to + 30% in the snow).

  We thank all involved parties for the good cooperation.

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