Homeowners: gain more certainty for their PV-investment with OfferCHECK

On behalf of homeowners New Energy Scout checks offers for photovoltaic (PV) systems and compares installation costs. Offers from PV system providers are often difficult to evaluate, especially with regards to the completeness of required services. Therefore, many homeowners wish to get an independent, quick and inexpensive skilled opinion that gives a clear guidance and allows to recognise differences and needs.  

New Energy Scout assisted family H. in Elsau, Switzerland, in choosing the right provider to their full satisfaction. “The low priced check has definitely paid off. At the beginning, all quotations looked the same; afterwards, we were able to ask more precise questions to the PV installers and had greater knowledge about our needs. We also gained confidence for our final decision and had full clarity about the service and work provided by the PV-installer. Furthermore, all annoying subsequent adjustments were avoidable this way. "

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